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Saint Luke’s is a dynamic and thriving non-profit health care system, with growing opportunities in clinical and non-clinical areas for those interested in being on the leading-edge of compassionate care. We foster a diverse and supportive culture, operating on a team-based patient care system where co-workers seem more like family. And as a family, we want the best for each of our members. That’s why we are determined to support you on a career path—with a proper work/life balance that can take you as high and as far as you can dream of traveling.

Kimberly’s Story

“Lives by her lifelong mantra and personal credo: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius). She was fortunate enough to stumble upon her passion after graduating from college and working closely with two physician assistants. Now, looking back at her 14-year career with Saint Luke’s, Kim remembers many patients that have left an indelible impression on her mind. She feels inspired and knows that her actions make a positive impact on patients’ lives and the lives of their loved ones.” – Kimberly B., Physician Assistant

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1. We are highly awarded

2. Our career ladder

3. Our diverse people & opportunities

4. Education & learning for you

5. Our culture

6. You have a voice here

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