Military and Veteran Commitment

Why We Need Veterans

Tested, trained, and prepared for civilian transition

Saint Luke’s recognizes the incredible value that veterans bring to our organization. Your experience in working as part of a dynamic team will serve you well throughout our varied departments. And your highly developed decision-making and problem-solving skills, combined with your ability to rapidly learn new skills and concepts, make you a prime candidate for success at Saint Luke’s.

A primary concern at Saint Luke’s is to have compassionate care that leads to successful patient outcomes. That’s why we need conscientious men and women of integrity, able to perform well under pressure and prepared to lead when the situation requires. To this end, Saint Luke’s is committed to recruiting and employing veterans, transitioning active-duty service members, members of the National Guard and Reserves, and military spouses.

Saint Luke’s is proud to be a sponsor member of the KC Veteran Coalition and maintain a certificate from the Employment Services for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

We are grateful for your service and excited to add highly adaptable individuals like yourself to our teams.

Career paths that match your skills and prime you for success

How Saint Luke’s stays by your side

Saint Luke’s and its varied career paths provide an excellent introduction, or reintroduction, into corporate America for returning veterans. With growing opportunities in our clinical and non-clinical areas, we have multiple ways to translate the skills you’ve learned in the military into the civilian workforce.

Our team works with you on an individual basis to identify and adapt your military skill sets that will most smoothly blend within a dynamic health system like Saint Luke’s. The goal is to match you with a job that not only uses your background, but also offers you new opportunities for growth and career advancement.

A commitment to innovation in outreach

Saint Luke’s military programs

  • Military Outreach Program: We work hard to provide resources and programs to help those in our Military Community and are currently working with seven military installations: Air Force – Whiteman AFB MO, Offutt AFB NE, McConnell AFB KS, Scott AFB IL; Army – Fort Leavenworth KS, Fort Riley KS, and Fort Leonard Wood MO.
  • Veteran-to-Veteran Program: Our hospice care program offers a specialized service called the Veteran-to-Veteran Program. We honor patients who have served our country by providing veteran volunteers from the same military branch to visit and present the veteran in care with an appreciation plaque.
  • The Kansas City Corporate Veteran Coalition: Saint Luke’s is a member of this alliance, which serves as a centralized hub for Kansas City-area corporations looking to hire or help veterans. We share best practices and resources to enhance hiring, mentoring, and networking for our veterans.
  • Constantly Furthering Veteran Initiatives: Saint Luke’s is always seeking new approaches to streamline the job integration process for our veterans. For example, we are currently testing a program to transition medics and med techs through the civilian credentialing process with the goal of permanent placement in our system in civilian matching roles, such as medical assistants, CNAs, and surg technicians.

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