Nursing Residency Program

Who is it for?

A place for those who need it

All new-graduate nurses hired at Saint Luke’s participate in our Nursing Residency Program, throughout the first year of practice. Many organizations only admit BSN prepared residents into their residency programs. At Saint Luke’s, we value all of our nurses. Even if you have an ADN and are new to a nursing, you are still eligible for residency training.

The program is designed to build your clinical competency as well as professional practice behaviors. As long as you’re a graduate of an accredited nursing program and have less than one year of experience as a nurse, you are eligible to participate.

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A multi-pronged approach to training

How it works

We base our 12-month Nurse Residency Program on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Transition to Practice model. It’s designed to give you the best classroom education, hands-on clinical experience, and mentor and peer-led training. You will attend bi-monthly modules facilitated by system clinical educators.

  • To start, we place you together in the same residency, no matter the specialty, ensuring you’re prepared in a wide breadth of general nursing practices.
  • During the research section of the residency, however, departments are separated. This allows you to get small-group training alongside those in your specialty area.
  • We know the value of peer support, and throughout the year provide multiple options to share experiences and learn from those in your career group.
  • We also realize that mentor relationships are hugely important and facilitate on-the-job learning. As part of our program, you will be paired with experienced nurses and clinical educators, assisting you in your professional development and helping you to become more involved with Saint Luke’s Health System and its nursing shared governance.
  • Your personal preceptor will work closely with you during the orientation period as you adjust to your unit. And you’ll also have a secondary preceptor, ensuring that you’ll never be alone in your study and work.

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Start dates that fit into your lifestyle

When does it start

Many hospitals have residency programs with preset start dates, forcing new employees to wait for a designated day on the calendar – a designation that takes no consideration of your personal needs or lifestyle balance. At Saint Luke’s, we have a rolling, year-round training schedule. So no matter when you begin working with us, you can step right into mentor relationships, classroom sections, and on-the-job clinical experience.

Enrique’s Story

“I came from a low economical background from a single mother of 8 kids. My journey at Saint Luke’s began after graduating from nursing school. I have been given so many opportunities to grow and develop, including assistance to work on my masters in nursing. I have loved my job from day one and hope to progress further in the Saint Luke’s Health System.” – Enrique G., RN I Residency Program

Benefits to ensure future career success

What do you get out of it

Patient-Centered Care

Communication and Teamwork

Evidence-Based Practice

Quality Improvement


Care Coordination


Moving Forward

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New Graduate Nurses

A helping hand along the way

Strength for the journey

As you begin your career as a new graduate nurse, Saint Luke’s wants to provide you with the Strength for the Journey. This strength begins with your first year of practice and extends through the third year of practice that packages a variety of expectations and opportunities made available to you as a Saint Luke’s Nurse.

But the Journey does not end there. This Journey is designed to support and grow your career within the Saint Luke’s Health System with a focus on your goals as a professional.

With a focus on your strengths, your manager, clinical educators, preceptors and other professionals that you will encounter along the Journey will provide you with the mentoring, coaching, tools and other resources necessary to bring your career development plan to life. The opportunities available to professional nurses are endless and at Saint Luke’s we are committed to working with you to accomplish your goals as a professional.

We have mapped out the first three years of practice with some required activities and some optional opportunities that will assist you along the way. The map is not all inclusive and provides a guide for the Journey; based on your personal goals and career development plan, the Journey can be flexible and dynamic. Our goal is to support your career development plan to bring to life the Saint Luke’s Health System Vision: to be The Best Place to Get Care. The Best Place to Give Care.

Through open communication and a focus on your future, Saint Luke’s professionals are here to help you along the way.

One major factor impacting your success is the development of a career development plan. This career development plan is yours to own. Through utilization and implementation of a career development plan, Saint Luke’s Nurses are encouraged to map out not only where they want to be after their first, second and third years of practice but to think about the future as well.

A focus on your career development

Three year plan

Take ownership and tailor your plan to meet personal goals throughout your first three years and beyond through active participation in Strength for the Journey.

Year One:

  • Nurse Residency Program
  • Mentoring Relationship with Clinical - Education Specialist
  • StrengthScope™ Assessment & Debriefing
  • Regular PMP Contact Points with Manager
  • Professional Preceptor Relationship throughout Orientation

Year Two:

  • Nurse Residency Program Graduation
  • LIFEWISE™ for the Journey
  • Clinical Advancement Program
  • Shared Governance Representation
  • Mentoring Resources Available for Career Development
  • Social Impact Initiative Involvement

Year Three:

  • Continued Clinical Advancement Program Opportunities
  • Professional Preceptor Program
  • Unique Clinical Instructor Option through partnership with Saint Luke’s College
  • Specialty Certification Support
  • Intentional Leadership Program

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