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I Am a Saint Luke’s Nurse APP

An Environment of Mutual Respect

Whether you are a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, midwife, certified registered nurse, anesthetist, or clinical nurse specialist, a career at Saint Luke’s will provide you with support in your career and empowerment for growth. Our history as one of the region’s largest and best health care systems gives us the ability to sharpen and challenge your skills, while offering educational assistance and environmental opportunities for professional advancement.

We value the quality of our staff’s holistic lifestyle, and we strive to offer a proper work/life balance. We also value and rely on input from our APPs and their involvement to shape the future of our organization.

A Comprehensive Approach to Career Fulfillment

Culture, Balance, and Flexibility

You deserve to practice your skills at the highest level. At Saint Luke’s that means working with the region’s best physicians and tackling complex cases as part of an interdisciplinary team, while being supported by the latest cutting edge technology. However, providing you with challenging—and ultimately rewarding—work isn’t enough.

As an APP, you’ll be in an environment where physicians respect your work and value your input. Our culture has long supported a collaborative arrangement between physicians, APPs and the rest of the care team. Because we know that your life doesn’t begin and end within our doors, Saint Luke’s provides several flexible schedules based on your needs. Certain areas have three, four or five-day options.

Ultimately, we want you happy in your life and fulfilled in your career. We’re constantly evolving to meet the needs of our employees, seeking to advance our culture and improve work/life balance. And our efforts are paying off, as noted by the “Best Places to Work” designation by the Kansas City Business Journal and the “Best Regional Hospitals 2015-16” award by U.S. News & World Report.

Life at Saint Luke’s
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A System That Supports Your Career Development

Opportunities for Advancement

One of the leading benefits of working in a system as large and diverse as Saint Luke’s is the variety of opportunities presented for growth.

The variation in specialties that you’re exposed to can’t help but impact the trajectory of your career path. As a Saint Luke’s APP, you’ll have options to work in multiple areas, within both inpatient and outpatient areas. And there are areas to practice outside of clinical work, too, from quality improvement to research to leadership and educational roles.

If you’re interested in advancing your career via education—perhaps a doctorate in clinical practice or obtaining certification in a new area—there are funds and tuition reimbursement available, up to $10,500. There also are great opportunities for growth and learning within our academic medical center. At Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, APPs have access to grand rounds, lectures, case studies, and myriad courses to enrich your skills.

We’re sensitive to the different stages in your life; our flexible options empower you to pursue your education at the pace that suits you best.

A Commitment That Extends Beyond Words

Compensation and Support

We value what you bring to our system and believe your compensation should reflect that. This is shown in our competitive pay and benefit packages, which are standardized across the system. So, no matter what specialty area you work in, the pay is the same. At Saint Luke’s, we believe there should be no sacrifice of income based on the area that you feel called to serve.

Another way we live our commitment to you is by honoring the training you’ve undertaken and the experiences you bring to us. Our system is designed to support the full execution of the skills you’ve acquired. And we’ve moved to electronic charting, which, along with our other advanced equipment and assembly of the region’s best doctors and programs, will empower you to practice at your highest level.

Benefit Information
Learning Opportunities

Representation and Participation System-Wide

Having a Voice

Saint Luke’s values our APPs as an integral part of our organization. That’s why giving you a voice and ensuring your involvement in the system is a top priority. One way we stay true to this commitment is through our chief nursing officer of APPs, a role that is a rarity among health care organizations. The CNO provides influence, leads initiatives for the benefit of APPs, and works right alongside you to stay in touch with the day-to-day workings.

Currently, a dedicated, multi-topic APP committee meets monthly system-wide. All APPs are invited and it’s a terrific opportunity for developing relationships with peers. Because we recognize the importance of your unique input, we continue adding APP roles to other hospital committees, side by side with physicians.

There is also an elected council of 15 APPs, representing various practices and locations. This APP Council meets monthly focusing on how to advance the APP role within the system and develop appropriate evaluation practices. Looking toward the future, the council is actively expanding opportunities for APP student placement at our hospital, and seeking ways to best mentor them.

Susann’s Story

“She felt drawn to nursing after participating in a mission trip to Mexico with her church. She was greatly moved by watching the medical team bring immediate help to those in need, so she began a life-changing journey by obtaining her degree at Saint Luke’s College. Fast forward to today. As an APRN, Susann enjoys walking down the halls at Saint Luke’s, a faith-based health system, and being greeted by co-workers with a smile and kind words. She delivers an exquisite level of care to her patients and demonstrates caring and compassion in everything she does. She once treated an elderly woman and over the course of a week, they shared many stories and built a special bond. When the patient was discharged, they tearfully said goodbye and Susann walked out of her room very thankful that God has blessed with the profession of nursing.” – Susann Briscoe, APRN

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