Non-Clinical Professionals

Careers that make a difference

Make an impact in our communities with
your skills and talents

Non-clinical employees are the backbone of the Saint Luke’s culture of compassionate care. For our system to deliver quality care effectively to our patients we need an incredible team of associates who work beyond the bedside, supporting our connected health care system. It is only through these efforts that we’re able to positively affect our community.

While some are empathetic voices, interacting with patients and their families, others are behind-the-scenes operatives, using your training and skills to ensure our system functions at its best. We’re a local non-profit organization with roots in our community and we offer exceptional benefits and competitive pay, incorporating a healthy work/life balance into all of our Career Areas.

A multitude of positions in a growing organization

Who we’re hiring

Our non-clinical staff includes leaders at the executive level, including senior VPs, entity VPs, entity directors, supervisors, and managers, as well as all support level staff positions.

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Current areas of hire include:

  • Accounting/finance
  • Administration
  • Environmental services
  • Health information
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Management and supervisory roles
  • Materials management
  • Nutrition services
  • Patient registration

Offering flexibility and stability

Careers in the spotlight


Our coding careers offer the ultimate flexibility. Once you’re trained, you can work 100 percent of your time from home. And combined with this flexibility is a rare element in today’s employment marketplace: stability. We don’t contract out jobs. You would be a full employee, eligible for all of our benefits and confident in the steadiness of a large organization, more than 130 years strong and growing.

Information Technology

We offer a great quality of life for our IT staff with our Thursday/Friday work-from-home policy; all equipment is provided, enabling you to perform the same quality work at home as you do on-site. And the work itself brings rewards. Health care is currently the second most regulated industry next to nuclear science, ensuring that SLHS has in place the most sophisticated IT security. The work you’ll do at Saint Luke’s will challenge you to excel and provide advanced opportunities for growth.

A system-wide approach to individual happiness

Balancing work and life

We know that not all of our employees march to the beat of the same drummer. By adjusting to our differences, Saint Luke’s has created stronger teams throughout our system. Some of our employees are eager to grow in their careers. Others need flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, or the ability to pursue a degree at their own pace. We get it, all of it. That’s why we’ve placed such a strong emphasis on work/life balance. Whatever stage of life you’re in, we provide options to balance your work in a healthy proportion.

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Competitive and uniquely crafted

Benefits and compensation

As a non-profit, excess funds are reinvested in our organization, in our people, and in our equipment and technology. This allows us to focus on our patients and employees and give them best environment possible. Which means that we’re able to offer highly competitive pay and unique benefits that are focused around our employees’ lives. We value our staff and want you to feel that appreciation where it counts. After all, your satisfaction is necessary for us to meet our goals of providing exceptional healthcare to our surrounding communities.

Samantha’s Story

“Saint Luke’s is the first place that I have truly felt part of a team. My coworkers are amazing, and we all help each other out. I know that my voice is heard by my manager. She takes our suggestions, thoughts, and concerns to heart and will make the changes needed to help us to be more productive in our day. Saint Luke’s feels more like family, than coworkers.” – Samantha M., Data Quality Specialist

A guided path to growth and leadership

Career development opportunities

Saint Luke’s is invested in your career and wants to help you take it to its natural heights – and then some.

Career Ladder

Because of our size, every single career area has incredible opportunities for growth. We guide you on a path through our step-by-step Career Ladder Program. Where you begin on the four-level program depends on your level of experience, but there is room for growth no matter where you start. Each level means a percentage increase in base pay for you. And, by knowing the clearly defined goals necessary for progress, you are able to determine and drive the rate at which you advance.

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Educational Opportunities

Among Saint Luke’s core values are Learning and Innovation, so we’re proud to encourage and support our employees’ continued education in all of its forms—from accredited training programs, to internal class offerings, to post-graduate degrees, and much more.

All employees are eligible for tuition assistance through our flexible Educational Assistance Program. We empower you to pursue your education at the pace that suits your life best.

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Leadership Development

Everyone at Saint Luke’s has the potential to follow the path toward leadership. If interested, you can self-nominate to participate in our yearly leadership training class and we’ll give you the training and guidance to move you further along that path.

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