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Drivers of change and innovation, leaders in patient care and caring, and the keystone of our health system: we are Saint Luke’s nurses.

Nurses are the lifeblood of Saint Luke’s compassionate care, and the life-changing work they do is given maximum support throughout our system. We’re committed to providing a workplace experience that encourages growth, flexibility, and work/life balance. All the while providing the tools our nurses need to have the best possible outcome for their patients’ care.

Practical, technological & relational support

A culture that backs you up

Our Patient-to-R.N. ratios are among the best in the region, and we are committed to keeping them low so you can practice safely and at your best. All floors of our Saint Luke’s hospitals receive support; some have nursing assistants or nursing interns to provide help when needed. And our system-wide electronic charting helps you work efficiently and stay at the top of your game.

You’ll never feel alone in your work at Saint Luke’s; we employ a culture of team-based patient care throughout the system. Our culture promotes a mutually respectful and supportive relationship between R.N.s and physicians. Nurses are heard at Saint Luke’s and the result is a highly collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship that positively affects patient care.

Rated “exemplary” in R.N. satisfaction

Magnet designation

Less than 8 percent of hospitals have ever received a Magnet® Designation for Nursing, making us exceptionally proud of our flagship entity, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, which has received that designation three times. This means that we have exceeded and outperformed the national benchmark in R.N. Satisfaction, Patient Satisfaction, and Patient Outcome. In fact, we rated “exemplary” in R.N. Satisfaction for nursing research, certification, and our professional practice model. But we realize that it was not just our system or hospital that achieved this status. Our Magnet Designation is because of the power of our clinical nurses, empowered through our robust shared government.

Life at Saint Luke’s
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Adapting the “what,” “where,” and “when” of your nursing career

Flexibility is key

Saint Luke’s needs you operating at your individual best in order to meet our mission of positive patient outcomes. We recognize that not everyone operates at their best under the same conditions. That’s why we’ve created numerous options to increase your career flexibility.

Float Pools

At Saint Luke’s, participating in a float pool staff is not required, but rather is an option that works well for those seeking exposure to varied units. If you are a unit-based nurse, you may sometimes be asked to float to units that are of a similar level of care to the one you are based in. The float pools themselves are three-tiered. In our Tier 1FP, team members float at one entity only. Tier 2FP, staff float to two entities, and Tier 3FP staff float to most of the entities in the metro area.

Work/Life Balance

Throughout our system you’ll consistently see our determination to provide multiple work/life balance options, designed to meet the varying needs of individual employees. Our clinical nurses begin with a base of flexibility regarding how many days per week you choose to work. We also offer self-scheduling, which means you can work alongside peers at the unit level, ensuring that you get the schedule you want and need. Finally, we support nurses in the creation of unit-specific scheduling practices.

Your Options Within Patient Care

Saint Luke’s has an abundance of patient care opportunities within our system and we make it easy for you to take advantage of this throughout our many different hospitals. Our flexible internal transfer policy allows for—and encourages—seamless transitions between units. And you don’t have to wait for seniority; you’re eligible to apply for a job shift as soon as you start working.

The size of our system is a great benefit for our caregivers. Within Saint Luke’s, we have nurses in more than 200 different titles and levels. We offer R.N.s the opportunity to work in a variety of specialties, including medical/surgical, intermediate, critical care, transplant, emergency services, float pool, neurology, cardiovascular, orthopedic, surgical services, rehabilitation, and many more.

Your Options Outside of Patient Care

At Saint Luke’s, there is plenty of room for growth and development outside of the patient care area. As an R.N., there are opportunities to conduct primary research, collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, and have a direct influence on protocols. There are also careers in clinical research, informatics, community education, and teaching hospital positions.

Meredith’s Story

“Has an uncanny ability to remember every patient’s name – both past and present. Working for Cardiovascular Consultants, her knowledge and sharp nursing skills, as well as her gentle and loving spirit are what make her such an amazing nurse. She shows compassion and instills hope when a patient is going through a difficult time. Meredith still gets calls from patients she cared for years ago, and they chat about everything from faith to tomatoes. She credits her ongoing success to her inspiring coworkers, doctors and Saint Luke’s who has provided her with many growth opportunities.” – Meredith L., RN

Innovation at Saint Luke’s
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Growth & skill acquisition on your timetable

Your career path

Saint Luke’s is invested in you, wherever your career path takes you. We encourage multiple career growth opportunities through educational and professional development programs. As a Saint Luke’s nurse, you can choose to take the necessary steps to progress through our Career Development Program, or use your skills at a level you feel is more suitable for your lifestyle.

There are four levels to our Nursing Career Advancement Program and you begin at the one commensurate to your experience. A clear path is laid out with all the steps on how to advance:

  • R.N. I – Novice nurse
  • R.N. II – Clinical nurse involved in unit-based outcomes through informal or formal leadership
  • R.N. III – Clinical nurse involved in entity outcomes through information or formal leadership
  • R.N. IV – Clinical nurse involved in entity and system outcomes through informal and formal leadership with measurable system outcomes in at least two core values

And if you choose to advance your career through formal education – say, moving from R.N. to B.S.N. or pursuing your master’s degree, tuition assistance is available. But it’s also available for continuing education classes and certifications, which, once received, generate a pay increase.

Head to our career growth page to read more about our career ladder, tuition assistance program, and our Career Development Guide.

Our Career Ladder
Learning Opportunities
Our Hospitals

Empowered to speak

We need your voice so we all can thrive

Saint Luke’s takes great pride in our robust shared governance model that supports our nurses in decision-making. It’s a Councilor Model, and there are opportunities to be involved at the unit, hospital, and system levels. Elected individuals representing each unit gather for our shared governance meetings. This means you’ll have someone you know and are comfortable with representing you and voicing your concerns. All nurses—no matter your seniority level—are invited to be involved with the process.

Benefits & Compensation

A competitive base with multiple differentials

We offer some of the most competitive pay bases in the region and an array of top benefits, including educational/training opportunities and tuition reimbursement. On top of that, Saint Luke’s provides a variety of differentials that fit into your lifestyle: evening, night and certified differentials are available for the clinical nurse role. As part of our tiered float pool, you can decide to work at just one hospital, or you can choose to work at two hospitals with an increased differential, or you can even choose all four hospitals in the pool and your differential rises again. It’s all about what works best for you.

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