Pharmacy Careers

Growth, Support and Flexibility

Opportunities for everyone, at every level

Saint Luke’s Health System has multiple career paths available for pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy directors, all using a patient-centered integrated model. Our pharmacy department includes a state-of-the-art IV compounding area, medication dispensing carousels with barcode technology, and spacious offices for the residents.

As a member of our pharmacy team, your opinions matter and you have a voice in patient medication decisions. We are invested in your future career growth, and have an ongoing affiliation with University of Kansas School of Pharmacy and University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy. This ensures continuing education for all members of the pharmacy team, with tuition reimbursement available.

Challenging work and opportunities to advance

Pharmacy Technicians

Skilled and experienced pharmacy technicians are a vital linchpin to our team-focused patient care. To meet our goals, we are looking for technicians who have a committed work ethic and willingness to confront challenges with a positive attitude. You’ll have access to a variety of Career Areas across our health system, including oncology and infusion centers, bedside delivery tech, chemotherapy prep, central pharmacy distribution, or IV sterile prep.

From your first day on the job, we provide career development options and incentives.

  • If not already a certified technician, Saint Luke’s will fully fund your required certification, pay for the test, and once you’re certified (within a year of employment), you’ll receive a pay increase.
  • Our four-level Career Ladder Program gives you a clear roadmap to advancement with clearly defined goals. You begin at the level most commensurate with your experience, and no matter where that is, there is a path laid out for you to advance further in your field.
  • We know that flexibility is key to maintaining a proper work/life balance and also in the charting of your career path. So Saint Luke’s encourages internal transfers to departments or locations that best suit your life and goals.

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Empowered to engage and equipped to succeed


Saint Luke’s is invested in our pharmacists and, as part of our team, you will have a say and influence on key decisions and methodologies. You’ll be involved in medication selection and management along with the multidisciplinary team. Pharmacists also participate in committees on evidence-based practice or to educate on proper medication use in the hospital and ambulatory areas.

To be at your best, you need to be equipped with the best tools and support systems.

  • Saint Luke’s uses state-of-the-art technology, including electronic charting, throughout our system. And we employ a decentralized distribution model, using automated dispensing cabinets throughout all facilities.
  • You will work with top professional pharmacists; at our flagship hospital, approximately 80 percent of pharmacists are board-certified. System-wide we’re at 50 percent—well above the national average.
  • A team-based model is practiced both on the micro and macro levels of our organization. In your day-to-day work you’ll employ a multidisciplinary approach, interacting with physicians, NPs, and nurses as part of the medical team.
  • Here you’re part of a larger team—you’re not a Saint Luke’s East pharmacist or a Saint Luke’s North pharmacist: you’re a Saint Luke’s pharmacist, connected to the greater culture of our system.

Carolyn’s Story

“Teamwork is definitely one of the reasons I love working at Saint Luke’s. I know my colleagues are always willing to help, making sure that if you are having a tough day, they will help in any way they can to make sure the day finishes well.” – Carolyn Huninghake, Pharmacist II

Agents of change, leaders in your profession

Pharmacy Directors

Our pharmacy directors are change-makers, driving significant transformation in pharmacy practice, health care, and health system management across Saint Luke’s. You’ll operate in a complex organization, while making rapid-pace decisions with implications for patient care and safety, and the fiscal well-being of the health system.

Just as you will be a leader at your individual hospital, you will be empowered as a leader on system-wide initiatives.

  • We make sure you are properly positioned within our organization, ensuring the best use of your expertise in making policy and procedural decisions that support the safe, effective, and efficient management of medication.
  • You’ll be licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, able to verify within both states of our system.
  • You may be required to temporarily move to another location to fill gaps and support groups in need. No director or pharmacist is simply part of an individual hospital team. You belong to a system-wide culture, and are supported and enabled to lead in that capacity.

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