Career Growth and Development

Investing in you

How we support your career journey

Saint Luke’s is deeply committed to investing in the future of its employees. We know that your career and leadership development will benefit us as much as you – so we pour resources into our employees’ growth, training, and development.

We give you the practical and specific tools you need to grow, and they combine to lead you, step-by-step, towards successful progression in your chosen field. When we begin working together, Saint Luke’s sees it as the start of a long and healthy relationship – no matter where your career growth takes you within our dynamic system.

Tiered career progression

A step-by-step path to reach your goals

How it works

Almost every Saint Luke’s career area has a structured and tiered career ladder for advancement. We provide you with clearly defined goals for advancement between tiers; when you meet them, you move up, it’s that simple. No matter which tier you’re hired at, you’ll have the ability to continue advancing. After achieving Level 3 status, you can then pursue project lead or manager, depending on the career area.

What it means

The higher you advance, the more opportunities for increased responsibility. You’ll grow your skill sets through expanded involvement at the hospital level, then later, within the system itself.

What it gets you

Responsibility is rewarded. As you progress and maintain a level, you receive a percentage raise of your base pay for the entire time you maintain that level. In addition, we offer merit-based bonuses and yearly raises.

How you’re supported

You’re not on your own. Saint Luke’s managers guide employees in developing a plan for career growth and navigating the road ahead. We then enable you to track the progress towards your goals with a unique system that supplies day-to-day peer and management feedback. And if training is required for advancement, Saint Luke’s provides and pays for it – all of it – including any necessary certifications.

How it adjusts to you

As your life fluctuates, we give you the power to shift your work role along with it. Perhaps there comes a time when you need a lighter schedule or a decreased work-load. You can then re-level to a lower tier with less responsibility and demand. While your base pay will reflect the new level, any merit-based raises are yours to keep.

Career development guide

A roadmap to your future

Our Career Development Guide offers Saint Luke’s employees a practical roadmap to career goal success. Through the Guide’s unique 4-step Career Development Plan, we’ll help you assess your skills, project career goals, create an action plan, and discover the Saint Luke’s resources that can support you on your journey. Available benefits include: access to internal job opportunities, educational and training sessions, mentor matching, Performance Management Process tutorials, and much more.

Flexibility and movement

A career that grows and changes along with you

We want to bring out the best in you at Saint Luke’s. That means encouraging your growth and the pursuit of your passions – even if they lead you to a different career area or to another hospital in our system. We know that flexibility is key to keeping our employees engaged, and with Saint Luke’s huge pool of Career Areas to choose from, we are tremendously equipped to enrich your career path and empower the acquisition of new skill sets.

Saint Luke’s recognizes the importance of a “career fit”. If you see an opportunity within our system that better brings out your gifts, it makes no difference if it’s your first year with us or your twenty-fifth, our HR department will work with you to make that transition as smooth as possible.

We hire people, not job-fillers, and when we find a person we want to work with, we’re committed – and excited – to continue being part of their career success.

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Education opportunities

Providing tools for advancement and growth

Programs & Offerings

One of Saint Luke’s core values is Learning and Innovation, so we’re proud to encourage and support our employees’ continued education in all of its forms:

  • Accredited Training Programs - in all major physician specialties as well as chaplaincy, nursing, laboratory, radiology, and respiratory fields
  • Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Continuing Medical Education Programs
  • Endowed Teaching Positions
  • Clinical Research Programs
  • Allied Health Education Programs
  • Internal Class Offerings, Conferences, and much more.

Tuition Assistance

As a system, all employees are eligible for tuition assistance through our Educational Assistance Program. Lifetime benefits are $5,250 for part-time, extending to $10,500 for full-time employees. In addition, each entity has a method for budgeting and allocating education related costs.

Flexibility is inherent in our program. We have yearly and lifetime maximums, not semester-based ones. This means you can pursue your education at the pace that suits your life best. You may be able to fit in a lot of classes this year when you have extra free time. In other years, life may be busier and you might only be able to take one or two classes.

Racquel’s Story

“Working in four different positions in eight years,Racquel continues to gain extensive knowledge from a diverse range of practice areas and departments. She attributes her success to the support and guidance from many mentors along her journey. Racquel feels grateful for a career filled with great triumph, tremendous happiness, and wonderful memories. No matter your aspirations, we have a career opportunity to match your skills.” – Raquel G., LPN

Organizational development & talent management department

Belief in the leader you’ll become

Developing tomorrow’s leaders among our gifted talent pool is a high priority at Saint Luke’s. That’s why we created our unique Organizational Development and Talent Management Department. It offers employees with a career development site, leadership development classes, and intentional leadership classes.

As part of our commitment to your continued career progress, we match our employees with a mentor in leadership through our Organizational Development Group. You’ll learn advanced skill sets, first hand, from someone further along your career path. Our mentorship program has been designed to provide you with the counsel, information and support that you’ll need to grow in your career and to lead with confidence.

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