The Saint Luke’s Culture of Life

What defines success?


There is so much more that goes into a satisfying career than just a rewarding job and generous compensation. At Saint Luke’s, we take a holistic approach to our workplace environment and have created a culture that supports our employees on their career journeys. Our innovative care provides purposeful work that makes a difference in the life of our community, and allows us to have a profound effect on the world around us. We provide you avenues for career growth and/or career transition, and we never lose sight of the key to our employees’ long-term happiness: a well-balanced work/life mixture.

Doing the best, with the best, at the best

Empowered to Excel

We are committed to helping you give the best care possible by working with colleagues who are the best in their field, in the best facilities, and with the best technologies.

Best Care

We want to lead change and redefine the future of health care. Our health system has positive clinical outcomes and a reputation for exceptional customer service, as well as a dedication to research and innovation. But this is just the starting point that drives us forward to seek new ways of better serving all those in our care.

Best Staff

Top talent is not only desirable, it is essential to the future success of Saint Luke’s. That’s why we strive to hire people who are experts at what they do, in all of our Career Areas. Because of our hard-earned reputation, many of the nation’s leading clinicians choose to join Saint Luke’s.

Our employees are the greatest competitive advantage we have over other regional health care providers. When hiring, we not only look at experience and skill sets, but also at who you are as a person. It requires a certain spirit, and a motivation to be a change agent for good in the lives around you.

Best Hospitals

Our state-of-the-art facilities and technology reflect our vision of being “The best place to get care. The best place to give care.” Saint Luke’s Health System has long been among the top healthcare research facilities in the Midwest, in terms of the number and scope of studies.

Multiple locations and services provided in Kansas and Missouri have earned national recognition on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” list. We also have achieved Magnet® status for nursing, and are nationally known for our pioneering stroke and cardiac care.

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Innovation, research & technology

The cutting-edge of healthcare delivery

Saint Luke’s is an innovator in the field of healthcare provision, constantly expanding and pushing boundaries.


Innovation has been key to our incredible growth, major medical advances, and international acclaim received for our clinical outcomes. Being the area’s leading health care system brings with it a responsibility to define—or redefine—how superior care and services should be delivered to our community. Simply put, if we are aiming to achieve better results for those we serve, we need innovative ideas and a staff empowered to create them.


Each year, our researchers are able to participate in hundreds of active studies, involving thousands of patients, and conducted within a multitude of disciplines. These studies receive sponsorship and funding from the National Institute of Health, American Heart Association, and the Saint Luke’s Foundation, as well as pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The research we do allows our staff to be on the frontlines of developing essential, life-changing innovations, particularly in cardiovascular disease and neurology. Innovations that we expect will become part of standard lifesaving protocol.


At Saint Luke’s, staying current with technological advances isn’t enough for us; to be effective caregivers, we must stay ahead of them. State-of-the-art and innovative medical technology is part of our daily lives and work at Saint Luke’s.

One example of how we are leading the way in adopting innovative approaches is the standard application of electronic charting. This regulates clinical practices for better outcomes, creates more efficient processes, and, most significantly, improves the patient experience across the entire continuum of care.

Strength in our size, diversity in our scope

An abundance of resources, location, and specialty options

We aren’t one hospital; we are a system of state-of-the-art medical entities able to coordinate care and easily collaborate with each other. As part of a large and diverse health care system, Saint Luke’s employees benefit from a broad range of career opportunities and clinical settings, giving you the flexibility to move between areas of specialty or locations.

So whether you thrive in a busy Level I Trauma Center or you prefer the pace of a regional hospital, our size and scope allows you to go anywhere you want with your career, and we vow to support you on that journey.

Since there are multiple entities within Saint Luke’s, you could work at two different hospitals while still using the same electronic medical record – and not have to familiarize yourself with new system-wide policies. It also means that Saint Luke’s not only offers the best opportunities, equipment, and training in the area, but also, very competitive compensation.

Workplace atmosphere

A day-to-day life of familial support

Teamwork & family

At Saint Luke’s, you’ll find a diverse team of coworkers, thriving in a judgment-free workplace. Because teams share a primary focus of outstanding patient care, we all work together to reach our goals. Like-minded people, coming together to exceed expectations and deliver greatness—that’s what the Saint Luke’s culture supplies every day.


Our tradition of maintaining a faith-based focus ensures that our health system sees “the whole person”—including the spirit—whether that’s with our patients or with our staff. This aspect of our care grounds us with a strong moral and ethical foundation. Our patients feel like the most important person in our care and our employees feel connected to a much greater purpose.

Support & leadership

Our leaders take their role as change agents seriously, providing guidance for our associates to understand strategy and achieve goals. Your success is their success, and you’ll feel management’s support in terms of patient ratios, staffing, and supplies. Our executive administrative staff has an open door policy where your opinions are valued, regardless of job title. In the end, we know that true leadership comes from the bottom-up, so we follow a model where those who are on the floor, doing the day-to-day work, are empowered to effect change, and redefine our service models.

Flexibility & work/life balance

Work/life balance is top priority for us at Saint Luke’s. It may come through having flexible or predictable schedules, telecommuting with many of our positions, or even job sharing. And the benefits we offer, including many training and educational opportunities, promote a healthy work/life balance between your responsibilities at work and the demands you have at home. The size of our health care system also offers tremendous flexibility for employees to move positions or shift careers.

Communication & transparency

Transparency is very important at Saint Luke’s and there is a continual focus on communication from the top down, as well as a receptivity and openness to communication at all level. The Town Hall format brings each entity together with our CEO, Melinda L. Estes, M.D., at least twice a year, and provides a forum for open exchange. And our Shared Governance Committees allow you as a team member to provide input or discussion of your clinical area practices and policies.

Lauren’s Story

“She was always drawn to CV surgery but spent the first few years of her nursing career in different areas. When she noticed an opening at Saint Luke’s and was offered the job, her real nursing journey began. Lauren knew she made the right decision after she scrubbed in on her first ascending aortic dissection. She felt like she had made a real impact in someone’s life, for the first time in her career. Helping others gives her a sense of purpose, and there is no other profession, department or hospital she would rather be in. Lauren realizes how special her work is and is excited to continue her dream at Saint Luke’s.” – Lauren P., CVOR RN

Community impact

A chance to give back and serve our neighbors

As a non-profit organization, we value the importance of building relationships with our communities and with other like-minded organizations. We are committed to developing strong partnerships with charitable and social welfare organizations that serve the urban core and the most vulnerable or underserved among us. We promote these partners internally, and through our Social Impact Initiative, we give our employees opportunities to volunteer and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

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